Humiliation Station – ENGLISH VERSION


I keep on doing things that surprise me.
I told myself I wasn’t in a sub-position, that I wasn’t searching for humiliation and I didn’t like it. Despite everything, I look at my experiences and I realize that it’s as if I’m looking for situations outside the provided framework just to test me. To see if I can. If I can still breathe with my lungs underwater.
Well, I can.

Lately our dear girl has been capricious like a child, and she changed her mind a dozen times about seeing my boyfriend before or after her vacation. I was irritated because I couldn’t bear to see her dictating us, deciding when doing it was better or worse; that she could dare to push him to choose one way rather than another; that she believed she could influence him in some way, as if I didn’t exist. Probably that’s how it is: for most of the time she is convinced that I don’t exist. It must be one of her ways to escape from her guilt.
She could grow a pair of horns (devil’s horns I mean*) and play the field to spice up the situation, but maybe I’m asking for too much.

Last night we were at the birthday of our dear friend (see one of the initial posts for clarifications) and she was there too of course, plus the parade of girl friends.
He and I were very well dressed. I had spent more than two hours to get ready, but he in 20 minutes was able to shine more than I would have ever been able to. He was just charming, and I did my best to match up.
At the door I was very nervous to the idea of finally seeing her, talking to her, giving my memories a realer shade.
She opens the door, wearing a mini sheath dress that blows up her forms from all sides. I seriously thought that she might have breathing problems with a dress that tight, but her intention was to show off at least at that juncture.
We exchange two sentences of circumstance and she’s very quick to ignore me. She goes back to her friends and I get to be deliberately put aside. I know that she does it for fear and discomfort, but a part of me thinks that it can also be intentional.

When our friend does the honors and shows us the apartment, I finally see the room where my nightmares have taken place. I had a weight on the chest and clearly heard the pressure drop below my shoes. I forced myself to concentrate on useless things, but I kept noticing details that I had heard or seen in the photos. That is the mirror she used to take her nude photos, that‘s where she masturbates in the shower thinking of him, that‘s the BED where they rubbed on each other. I felt tiny in that room and I was feeling really bad. I noticed the many clothes left out and I guessed her indecision in choosing the dress for the evening.
Finally we go back in the living room with everyone else.

Dinner time: he is very sweet next to me and doesn’t miss half of a chance to kiss me, caress me, hug me, boast about me and look at me with the typical look of the “you charm me even after 5 years, you see?”  I chat with everyone and try to shake off the anxiety. He insists with me to make me recite Hamlet’s soliloquy in English, and though with some reluctance I do it. I notice her eyes always on him, and when hers meet mine they’re sometimes annoyed  and sometimes curious. I finish my acting and they’re all  clapping their hands, I’m still embarrassed by the sudden “performance”.
More time passes and we all begin to feel more comfortable, we can speak seriously about our studies and we are much more friendly. Everyone but her, who doesn’t talk to anyone and with every kind of excuse disappears somewhere.

At the end of the evening 5 of us remain and she still avoids us as if she held a grudge against us.
We sit on the sofa, she is beside me and he is on HER side, but they don’t talk to each other. She decides to go to sleep shortly after with the excuse that she had to wake up early (but she was just begging him through sms to stay for the night a couple of hours ago!) and she does the most pathetic scene of the evening: she greets everyone with kisses and hugs and then turns to him and…. gives him a wave of her hand.

Now, if she really wanted to act like the innocent one and not making me suspect anything, she has really failed. How could I not think there was something suspicious?!
He teases her and gets up to say goodnight, she touches his cheeks with hers but she looks terrified, I have an inquisitorial gaze that was telling a great deal.
After she’s gone, just the time for some befitting and we also go back home.

Result of the evening from the cuckqueaning point of view: disappointment. Disappointed because I was prepared for a battle that didn’t happen. I would rather believe that she is so subtle as to not even having to commit to prove something to me or tease him on these occasions because when I’m gone she can do whatever she wants; but instead she was just so uncomfortable that she didn’t say a word and had to camouflage herself with the furniture.
How can I feel superior to a piece of furniture? C’mon, it’s idiotic, and I’d look like a fool.
I was hoping for some gesture, phrase or attitude that didn’t happen. I found myself hoping that she would try to humiliate me. Anything better than that cowardly silence.
In her place? In her place I would have made sure that I’d wanted to get away from that house and that I could no longer find where I parked the car through my veil of tears. I would have been so mean to me in her place.

Any idea?
– She had the chance to do the honors, and show me in detail her bedroom where he almost fucked her.
– She had the chance to let slip many details of the times he stayed with her all night. Songs, speeches, anecdotes, anything would have worked.
– She had the chance to take advantage of the fact that for the first 20 minutes he had gone into the kitchen and had not yet had the opportunity to be affectionate with me, so she could have reached him and talked to him.
– She had the chance not to wear panties, and after having reached him in the kitchen, making him notice it.
– She had the chance to touch herself and then come to compliment my necklace (a gift from him) by touching it with wet fingers and forcing me to smell it.
– She had the chance to send him some pictures while we were at dinner. He would have received the pictures but wouldn’t have been able to show me anything right then (as he usually does), so I would have known for certain that she had sent them to him and I’d have gone paranoid about the fact that I was excluded.
– She had the chance to find excuses to be alone with him. When he went to the bathroom, for example, she could have reached him and everyone at the party would have done “innocent” jokes about the fact that both of them were gone. I would have been the only one who knew that the rumors had some truth.
– She had the chance to offer to masturbate him so he would have returned from the bathroom with a raging hard on, and I would  have known what had happened.
– She had the chance to ask him to help her with the books that she had to give him back, but oops they were in her room and they’d had to look for them…
– She had the chance to strike up a chat with me and make me a speech about betrayal, about her (fake) bad experiences and how lucky I was to have a boyfriend so in love and faithful.
– She had the chance to sit next to him at the table and play footsie with him.
– She had the chance to be the social one and with the excuse to continue with some conversation with me, follow us when we went to the balcony because he was smoking, in order to not leave us alone.
– When on the balcony he pricked himself twice with the plant that was behind him, the second time she could have tried to protect him, she could have pricked herself or pretended a sprain to make him worry for her and take care of her.
– She had the chance on the couch to put her knees high towards him, so as to show that she had no underwear. Or she could have done it to show her panties. She could have done it even closer to me, but putting her back towards me to speak with him.
– She had the chance to ask him a foot massage and then slyly at me “you don’t mind, do you?”
– She had the chance to send text messages to him throughout the evening.
– She had the chance to talk to him about anecdotes in which I had not been present, to exclude me.
– When she had to say goodbye, she had the chance to bend down to be over him.
– She had the chance to put some music, and very naturally begin to dance staring at him.
– She had the chance to pretend to have received a message for which she was very upset, and could have asked him to talk in private. With a sufficiently convincing face no one would have thought bad of her, because if something serious had happened it was possible that he already knew the circumstances and that therefore she trusted to confide in him.
– She had the chance to bring the dog down for a walk and could have asked him to accompany her, as he was the strongest man present. “So I’m safer.”
– Sha had the chance to make matters worse every time she took him for herself by saying “I’ll steal him a moment” or “I’ll borrow him.”
– Again on the idea of taking off her panties, she could have come to him and put them on his hand on the sly. He would have had to find a way to get rid of them or hide them, and I’d have discovered it later, and then I would have gone into paranoia.
– Moving the general conversation on sex (which is not at all difficult) she could have boasted that she was particularly tight, or that she could control her muscles very well, or she could move very well. Whatever.
– She had the chance to ask me to go with her into the kitchen to help her and then leave me there doing the dishes.
– Clearing the table, she could have bent down over him to show her cleavage.
– She had the chance to stand in front of me and then, having her back to me, lean forward toward him.

…..but she didn’t.

Concentrating I could find other things, millions of other things. She could have made me live the worst night of my life, and instead I’ve been like a porcelain doll: perfect, untouched.

He now tells me that he intends to move with the speech on a more psychological domination, and he wants me a little closer to her in order to “use” me to pile it on. Still don’t know what he has in mind but I like the idea.
Lately I like all the ideas. For some strange reason, when he speaks about what he wants to do I feel a slight burning sensation in the stomach, different from panic or jealousy. It’s as if it warms more than burns.

This is the “more …”-feeling I was talking about.
These days I also played the subdued role much more than usual. We did a bdsm session which he improvised from scratch, I didn’t even have the time to prepare myself and it was very exciting.

I send him photos that technically she should send to him, but I do it for a sort of a small pinch of territory, as if to prove that even on these small things I can do much better than her.
Finally, speaking in general about cuckqueaning, it’s taking a strange tone. In addition to our usual metacommunication, occasionally this different kind of tone makes me point out some humiliating nuances, makes me write on the blog all the things she could have done to show off, tells me that I have to get closer to her almost as if we were friends. It becomes a meta-metacommunication sometimes, but He assumes a voice different even from the one he uses with her. A voice to which I basically can’t say “No” because it makes everything seem exciting. “Excited” in the sense of “Intrigued” (see post 1).

She is a piece of shit, this is already established. But with her used as a weapon to spice things up, he and I are discovering those kind of games that bind us even more.


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