First Taste – Final Report – ENGLISH VERSION


I had promised myself to write as soon as possible and not to let too many days go by because then I would have to face more “backlog”, but in the end I’m back after more than a week. And a lot of things have happened.

A feeling that I was still brooding over was the Defectiveness: as if every single feeling or thought were profoundly wrong, always. If I thought one thing, it’d  have been more appropriate that I didn’t. I shouldn’t hate her; I shouldn’t hold a grudge, I shouldn’t cry; I shouldn’t despair; I shouldn’t hurt myself; I shouldn’t oppose; I shouldn’t be obsessed by it; I shouldn’t be turned on; I shouldn’t submit myself ; I shouldn’t have fun.
My superego prevented me to be able to overcome the impasse, and he was on the other side telling me that I couldn’t go on like that, that I had to react.
In my head constantly coexisted something that shouldn’t be there for my well-being and something that shouldn’t be there for the idea I had of myself. These two groups always included irreconcilable opposites.

The wave of security due to the party where I met her and where I shone just enough to let her know that opening her legs wouldn’t be even worth a thought by him during the day, allowed me to push myself towards experiments designed to overcome my pain.
Because she wasn’t playing on my area (due to lack of character, or because there wasn’t a right way), I started playing on her area, fusing together what was being a Cuckquean with the BDSM. It was an alternative path, where I could put in the BDSM Roleplay details of  Cuckqueaning. On a purely associative level, this thing would make sense, because putting the reality of my Cuckqueaning in the BDSM game would make that reality a game itself during the session. And a game is by definition something that under the right rules can’t harm me.
Anyway I started to experiment with different positions, helped by curiosity, by the desire for revenge, by the challenge of something new and by his involvement that finally could see me ‘in action’ too.

The problem? The problem arose when for the nth time she had a tantrum and we decided to close things. Close in the sense of eliminate her, elide her, delete her, exclude her, disintegrate her, exile her, abandon her and a hundred other particularly colourful adjectives.
The curious thing is that she herself, the same night of our decision, even before we could prepare a speech for dismissing her, sent him a message saying that her boyfriend had found out everything about them and that therefore they couldn’t see each other anymore.
Do I believe her? Absolutely not. The next day they even left for a vacation. He must have taken it quite sportingly, right.

So now it happens that everything with her has come to an end (she might want to try new approaches, but frankly, neither of us is willing), we are at more than half of the summer and our pressing commitments have begun to be felt.
And there’s no time to treat such a relationship. We cannot do it with girls who stick like mussels because they are in love. It’s not the right time for that kind of game, and maybe I’m not even ready for that level.
In light of the experience we had in such a short time, we have reopened the discussion “How should she be”

The first characteristic is: self-sufficient; we can’t keep up with her and comfort her every day when she is in crisis, reassure her when she doubts, cuddle her when she wants attentions etc.
He spoke of the fact that the ideal would be taking a girl that I trust, because I could refine that game which in a different context it’d become reality for me, as it would be reality for her. If she does it for fun and with conscience and respect for my position, then we can all move for the ‘good’ policy. I still think it is quite an impossible opportunity, since there is no one I trust so much to put in her hands a part so delicate and vulnerable of myself.
Alternative: girls / women who are already involved in a relationship AND who aren’t looking for a serious love story. A girl who doesn’t want a substitute for her flabby boyfriend just because she doesn’t want to be alone. For this there would be specialized sites but we will see in due course.

This  month and a half has shocked both of us, and many of my exaggerated and schizophrenic reactions hadn’t been foreseen. There is the need to re-engage the gear, tidying the mess made by the hurricane and learn how to put the shutters in order to create a controlled current rather than a typhoon.
Finally, after more than a month I come to pick up some of my beats: to study, learn, play, watch movies, read, paint, eat and sleep (!) and many other healthy things.
I don’t want to stop everything, of course.
What I learned in this period was a lot, and a part of me is shocked by the sudden interruption of the flow of acid which invested me every day. Almost as if they brought me back in my home after having thrown me for a month in a battlefield. There is the initial reaction of “What the hell am I doing? I should be somewhere else,” but slowly even this will straighten out.

Accepting the possibility of being a Cuckquean was certainly the greatest revolution of 2011, and I won’t quit.
Stubbornness or enlightenment we will see.


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